Education and Workshops

In the Green Network of Vojvodina was established an non-institutional Educational Center for multifunctional organic agriculture and rural development. Education includes environmental protection and agriculture. These include:

  • Environmentally friendly systems of agricultural production, processing and marketing (integrated production, organic production, traditional production, etc.) and multi-functionality
  • Sustainable Rural Development:
    • biodversity conservation in rural areas
    • revitalization of public places for tourism in rural areas
    • model of organization specific market
    • model for authentic souvenirs
    • development of greenways
    • model of rural development with a variety of services
    • good hygiene and good sanitary practices
    • renewable energy sources in agriculture and rural
    • the basics of a good and healthy cooking


In the framework of „Education Plus“ Green Network of Vojvodina organize a higher level of education of multifunctional organic agriculture. Green Network of Vojvodina in the process of developing a program of distance education. On this and maintain other educational programs you will be further informed.

Green Network of Vojvodina from the beginning of its activities organize training workshops on a range of topics that include sustainable and rural development, sustainable agriculture, landscaping of public space, making souvenirs, greenways, renewable energy, etc.. Educate farmers for the development of multifunctional agriculture and rural development. Training was attended by over 100 farmers from the province of Vojvodina.

Green Network of Vojvodina is accredited organizations for the management of Placemaking workshops (workshops for the revitalization of public places), developed by the New York-based Project for Public Spaces ( since 2004 year. Since that time held a large number of Placemaking workshops throughout the Republic of Serbia.

Green Network of Vojvodina, also organizes workshops for landscaping stewardship. Despite the large number of the workshops GNV managed the implementation of the Greenways Via Pacis Pannoniae / Pannonian way of peace between the towns of Sombor and Osijek in Croatia.

Workshops What is a souvenir? How to choose a souvenir? maintained a large number of times throughout the Republic of Serbia. This type of workshops are intended for creating souvenirs as part of tourism, also include a typology of souvenirs, the most important factors for an authentic souvenir and quality, the importance of handicrafts, services, appearance, packaging and point of sale as well as problems and examples of good souvenirs from home and abroad.

In addition, the working team ZMV of Landscape Architecture is the design and planning in landscape architecture (art, design garden, garden, terrace, private, business and public green space), construction and maintenance of green space, bio decoration, consulting in the field of landscape architecture and horticulture.