“Rebuilding Community through Public Spaces“

“Rebuilding Community through Public Spaces

The results of the project can be seen in promotion of the placemaking process on four workshops, as well as transfer knowledge from developed placemaking methodology from the PPS to GNV. Working on the promotion of placemaking has helped the Green Network of Vojvodina to be invited to placemaking workshops in a number of places and from a number of organizations/institutions in Serbia: Belo Blato, a village near a natural reservation in Banat (invite from the Secretariat for the Protection of Environment and Sustainable Development, Executive Council of Vojvodina, and Belo Blato Local Community), Zlatibor (a mountain resort in Serbia), Vrnjačka Banja (the biggest spa resort in Serbia), Kuršumlijska Banja (one of the least developed municipalities in Serbia). The workshops held on Zlatibor Mountain and in Vrnjačka Banja were financed by USAID-SEDP.

Placemaking is emerging as a valuable citizen participation tool to encourage economic development and revitalize communities. Placemaking is based on the belief that a public involvement process that defines and responds to community conditions and needs from the outset is one of the most critical factors in achieving a public space that is truly democratic. It helps communities work collaboratively to create a vision around the places they view as important.

“Rebuilding Community through Public Spaces“, joint project with Project for Public Spaces, New York, supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund, New York, 2004.