Opening of Farmers` Market “My Farm“

Farmer's Market My Farm

On May 24, 2004, in cooperation with Project for Public Spaces (PPS, non-profit organization from New York) and Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation – CEPF (Czech Republic), GNV organized workshop “Good Agricultural Practice Market – Part of Public Space“ in Novi Sad. The Farmers` Market of Good Agricultural Practice “My Salash“ emerged from the meeting as a means not only for farmers in the region to sell their products, but also to increase city dwellers€™ connection with the dwindling rural population.

First Good Agricultural Practice Market “My Salash“ at the public square was organized in front of the Commercial and Sports Center “Vojvodina“ (SPENS) in Novi Sad. Since then, four seasons of markets were organized, from beginning of May till end October, each year. GNV had set, and strictly implemented, quality criteria for the vegetables and other products offered in the Market, e.g. dairy products (goat cheese), meet products (ham and sausages), processed fruits (juices and jams) and vegetables (pickles, tomato juice), and home made cakes an cookies. GNV had published 9 issues of the brochure Salas Market Voice, containing articles on new agricultural regulations, organic crop friendly protection means, and organic garden organization till now. From end of August 2007, it is opened very first “My Salash“ shop in Novi Sad according the principles of fair trade and GNV trademark “My Salash“. Farmers` Market of Good Agricultural Practice “My Salash“ supported by Rockefeller Brother Fund, Provincial Secretariat of agriculture, water management and forestry, Provincial Secretariat of environmental protection and sustainable development.